❝ Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent. ❞
— Wendy Flynn

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Paintings from the ‘Element’ series by Ran Ortner 


Hello Kitty Frozen Yogurt

 Zankyou No Terror OP  → ⟨ Trigger ⟩ 

I don’t want to look back in five years time and think, ‘We could have been magnificent, but I was afraid.’ In 5 years I want to tell of how fear tried to cheat me out of the best thing in life, and I didn’t let it.

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Honeydukes in Hogsmeade at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Frederic Leighton, Elijah in the Wilderness (detail)



Seems like IKEA are really shaking things up this year. In addition to the previously announced TV set, they’re also going to release a digital camera made of cardboard called Knäppa (“Snap”). It’ll hold 40 photographs at a time and plugs directly into your USB port. While it’s not the prettiest camera the world has ever seen, I do love the idea of a screen-less digital camera that brings people back to the wait-and-see days of film.


"Riding In Vans With Boys" - Tom and food.

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